Raja Ampat

Indonesia's Bird's Head Seascape: Dive into the World's Most Diverse Marine Eco-

(Dive Travel Business News - February 10, 2012) -- Where can divers swim with the world’s most diverse fish and coral species, gawk as a squadron of mantas swoops overhead, or poke around World War II wrecks?

Worldwide Dive & Sail Loses Vessel in Raja Ampat

(Dive Travel Business News - January 4, 2012) -- Worldwide Dive and Sail, a premier luxury diving yacht company that plies the waters of Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean, has just reported an incident on board the S/Y Mandarin Siren. During a recent diving trip, in the Raja Ampat region of Indonesia, a fire broke out below decks while the guests were on a morning dive. The S/Y Mandarin Siren crew were unable to contain the blaze and were forced to abandon the vessel which was subsequently lost.

New S/Y Maldives Siren expands Worldwide Dive & Sail Fleet to 5 sailing vessels

(DiveTravelBusinessNews - November 14, 2010) -- Worldwide Dive and Sail, live-aboard company that has become known for its luxury dive and sail itineraries around Southeast Asia, now has 5 vessels taking guests to the best dive sites in Thailand, Burma, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and its newest destination - the Maldives.

Diving Indonesia's Raja Ampat

(DiveTravelBusinessNews.com - Nov 17, 2009) --  Located off eastern Indonesia's Bird's Head Peninsula in Papua province, the archipelago called Raja Ampat is the undisputed heart of the oceans' marine diversity. Diving Indonesia's Raja Ampat is a new guidebook by co-authors and veteran photographers Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock who logged more than 1000 dives over 7 years on these remote reefs where more than 1320 species of fish and over 70% of the world's hard corals call home.

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