Luxury Scuba Diving at Reethi Rah, one of the Award-Winning One&Only Resorts

(Dive Travel Business News - Oct 3, 2013) -- Wondering where to send your best high-end customers for a unique dive vacation experience?  Try Reethi Rah in the Maldives. Reethi Rah is part of the One&Only hotel chain of just eight luxury resorts in exotic locations. It was recently named the best hotel company in the world by 79,000 respondents to CondeÌ Nast Traveler's annual Best Hotels poll.

Travel Advisory Updates for Maldives, Cambodia, Bali, Malaysia and Egypt.

(Dive Travel Business News - Sept 27, 2013) -- In addition to the Travel Advisories currently posted for Kenya (terrorism) and the Philippines (typhoons), additional advisories have been posted for the Maldives, Cambodia, Bali, Malaysia and Egypt.

Siren Fleet offers Expert-Guided Eco-Trips in 2014

(Dive Travel Business -- August 12, 2013) -- The Siren Fleet will be running a series of Reef Ecology, Marine ID & Conservation liveaboard safaris in a variety of destinations throughout 2014. Each will be hosted by a different marine biologist who are experts in their fields and who will provide a series of presentations to Siren Fleet guests.

Maldives Reef Survey Shows Signs of Recovery After Devastating El Nino.

(Dive Travel Business News - November 12, 2012) -- Project Aware Foundation -- Scientists have witnessed a “promising” recovery in the coral reefs around the Maldives, a recent survey has revealed. The results show that some reefs now have more live coral cover than before the catastrophic El Niño bleaching event in 1998, which killed 95 percent of the country’s reefs – a key attraction for foreign tourists.

Explorer Ventures Celebrates 25 Years.

(Dive Travel Business News - June 5, 2012) --To celebrate its landmark 25th anniversary, liveaboard fleet Explorer Ventures is offering several specials on its first and still-running Northeastern Caribbean itinerary  between St. Maarten, Saba and St. Kitts. 

Political Upheaval in Maldives has Tour Operators Seeking Alternatives.

(Dive Travel Business News - Feb 20, 2012) -- Recent political turmoil in the Maldives have triggered global tour operating companies to look into alternatives for their tourist clients.  The mutiny by sections of the country’s police on Feb 6, facilitated a coup d'etat and the ousting of elected President Mohamed Nasheed, causing international concern.

British Government Warns Against All but Essential Travel to Maldives Capital.

(Dive Travel Business News - February 9, 2010) -- A coup d'état in the Maldives on Tuesday February 7 has resulted in the removal of President Mohamed Nasheed.   The UK Foreign Commonwealth Office advises against all but essential travel to Male Island. There are political demonstrations in the capital Malé, which have resulted in violent clashes involving police, military and demonstrators.  There have been reports of unrest on other non-resort islands generally around municipal buildings such as police stations and courtrooms.

Dive The World Magazine Launches 1st Edition

(Dive Travel Business News - January 24, 2012) -- In an era where the iPad and other mobile media platforms threaten the printed magazine’s very existence, it might be considered a daring endeavour to launch a new and ambitious dive magazine.
The International Dive Magazine Dive The World has done just that with the launch of its first edition.

Dusit Thani to Open First Maldives Resort in 2012

(Dive Travel Business News - January 18, 2012) -- Dusit International has revealed its first venture into the Indian Ocean. Surrounded by a vibrant 360 degree coral reef and turquoise lagoon, the Dusit Thani will feature 100 villas (46 beach villas, two beach houses, 30 water villas, 20 ocean villas, and two ocean houses), tree top spa and 3 restaurants and bars as well as other utilities relating to the resort business.  The resort is also home to the largest infinity pool in the Maldives.

Exclusive Resorts Fight Spa Ban in Maldives

(Dive Travel Business News - January 6, 2012) -- A spa ban in the Maldives is one of the threats to tourism at this popular Indian Ocean dive destination which sees celebrities and honeymooners flock to its many atolls. Exclusive resorts in the Maldives are fighting the ban on their luxury spas and health centers after the president of the Indian Ocean archipelago issued a decree on December 31, 2011 that shut them down. Islamic opposition parties argued the spas were a front for prostitution.

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