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Cayman Islands Announces New Tourism Director

(Blue Ocean Business - July 17, 2014) -- The Cayman Islands has announced Rosa Harris as its new permanent director of tourism.

Harris, formerly a deputy director of the agency, has shared the acting director’s position with Oneisha Richards, another deputy director, following the December 2013 resignation of previous director Shomari Scott.

How to Create A Profitable Niche

(Dive Travel Business - June 18, 2014) --Having a strong niche is usually beneficial for travel agents, but turning that niche into a profitable business takes planning and a high level of commitment.

“You can’t just sell a specialty – you have to live and breathe that specialty,” said consultant Nolan Burris, president of Future Proof Travel Solutions, who recently added a webinar on niche travel to his Boot Camp Video Training series for travel sellers.

Report Responds to Building Pressure to Create Sustainable Destinations

(Dive Travel Business - May 13, 2014) -- With the pressure to become sustainable, the tourism industry is looking to ways that can move their destinations into sustainable offerings.

What Social Media means to Women in the Growing Independent Female Travel Market

(Dive Travel Business - May 7, 2014) -- Women are more interested in traveling alone today than in the past.  According to a study, 54 percent of British female solo travelers are now more likely to vacation alone than they were five years ago.

According to the study of 1,000 British travelers between 25 and 45 years old, 62 percent of women had used social media to keep in touch with home and 75 percent said social media helped them find the best places to eat or best activities to do.

Hilton Worldwide Shark Fin Free at all 645 F&B Outlets.

(Dive Travel Business - March 31, 2014) -- Tomorrow Hilton Worldwide today will cease serving shark fin and stop accepting new orders for shark fin dishes. The ban covers all restaurants and F&B facilities operated by its 96 owned and managed properties across Asia Pacific.

DiveAssure Introduces Unique Liveaboard Travel Insurance Rider

(Dive Travel Business -- February 10, 2014) -- DiveAssure recently introduced a unique and exclusive program that covers scenarios specific to liveaboard trips that are not covered by any other travel insurance program on the market.

Tourism Plays a Significant Role in Protecting Natural, Cultural World Heritage

( - December 4, 2013) -- UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) forged a new cooperation agreement consolidating efforts on sustainable tourism and the protection of natural and cultural heritage.

ICTP President: Time for Travel & Tourism Industry to embark on Green Growth Tra

(Dive Travel Business - Nov 21, 2013) -- Speaking at the Forum, “The Growth of the International Travel Economy and Protection of the Environment,” at the Harvard University Extension School, Professor Geoffrey Lipman, President of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) and Director of, stressed the need for the Travelism (Travel & Tourism) sector to move beyond the comfort zone… and truly embark on th

Travel Industry Pledges Support to Storm-Ravaged Philippines by Air, Land and Se

(Dive Travel Business - Nov 13, 2013) -- Tour operators, cruise lines and airlines alike have teamed up with humanitarian groups to provide relief to affected communities and repair the damage done to the Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan.

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) urged “major donor entities such as governments and international NGOs to continue to give generously and act swiftly to help the resilient Filipino people recover fast.”

G Adventures efforts

Sales for Anonymity Software Skyrocketing after NSA Leak

(Dive Travel Business News - September 4, 2013) -- Software and an open network can help internet users to defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom in many parts of the world.

Internet users throughout the world have signed up in droves for anonymity software that allows them to live and interact online without international governments being able to monitor their activity.

"Travel Effect" Campaign Raises Awareness of the Positive Benefits Travel has on

(Dive Travel Business News - Monday January 21, 2013) --Many people get the sense that travel strengthens relationships, improves health and can even help close a business deal, but they don't know it as fact. A new U.S. awareness campaign has been launched, called Travel Effect, aimed at making sure the public understands the impact that travel has on relationships, health, education, business and communities.

UStiA Issues Statement about Travel Insurance Claims During Flu Season.

(Dive Travel Business News - Thursday January 17, 2013) -- The U.S. Travel Insurance Association (UStiA) has issued a statement to address the record flu season the U.S. is experiencing this travel season.  The UStiA reminds travel professionals that their clients could lose non-refundable payments in case they have to cancel or postpone a trip because of illness, and agents should recommend clients purchase travel insurance.

DAN Launches Annual Travel Insurance Progam.

(Dive Travel Business News - November 9, 2012) -- Known for the security and protection that its membership and insurance provide the diving community, Divers Alert Network Divers (DAN) has launched a new Annual Travel Insurance program. With yearly premiums starting at one flat fee, travelers are covered for all trips more than 100 miles away from home taken over a 12-month period for trips to a maximum of 90 days.

World's Best Dives Offers Industry Fams for Dive Travel Professionals

(Dive Travel Business News - August 15, 2012) -- Familiarization trips, a.k.a. "Fam" trips,  are designed to provide dive travel professionals with a hands-on look at the properties and destinations they sell. When done well, Fams provide professionals with the TOOLS to organize, promote and conduct a successful trip or even to build a "Travel Program".

(Dive Travel Business News - August 10, 2012) -- Developed in consultation with travel providers, wholesalers, retailers and other dive-travel professionals, Divers Alert Network (DAN) now offers Group Travel Insurance.

UK Government Office Accuses Online Travel Agencies of Anti-competitive Behaviou

(Dive Travel Business News - July 29, 2012) -- The UK Office of Fair Trading, a government ministry that enforces consumer protection law and competition law, has accused online travel giants and Expedia of striking deals with Intercontinental Hotels Group to restrict smaller agents' ability to offer discounted hotel rooms.

Green Globe Launches Sustainable Travel Site

(Dive Travel Business News - April 26, 2012) --  - Green Globe Certification recently launched its new sustainable travel website, . The site provides sustainable hotels, cruise ships, meeting facilities, tour operators, and attractions in the world’s most exciting travel locations. Businesses are displayed in alphabetical order with description, pictures, location and map, contact information, and links to booking. Users can also search by property name, country, or category.

Island Dreams Marks 25th Anniversary

(Dive Travel Business News - April 23, 2012) – Houston-based Island Dreams Travel marks its 25th year in business with sales, celebrations, an underwater photo contest and a great travel prize drawing. Founded in 1987, Island Dreams isa a wholesale and retail travel business specializing in scuba diving trips to exotic locations spanning the globe.

New Owner Shawn Exnicious at Caribbean Dive Tours

(Dive Travel Business News - October 14, 2011) -- Shawn Exnicious is taking over the helm at dive travel wholesale company Caribbean Dive Tours. The change comes on the heels of the  announcement that Ron Grzelka, President and owner of Caribbean Dive Tours / Worldwide Dive Tours (CDT) will be retiring.

Gap Adventures Changes Name to G Adventures

(Dive Travel Business News - September 29, 2011) -- Toronto-based tour operator Gap Adventures has changed its name to G Adventures, following a June copyright-infringement ruling in a suit brought by clothing giant Gap Inc.

In a June 24 decision in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, Judge Alvin Hellerstein ruled in favor of Gap Inc. on trademark infringement, saying, "Gap Adventures has used similar marks in commerce such that there is likelihood of confusion."

Shawn Exnicious New Managing Partner at Caribbean Dive Tours

(Dive Travel Business News - May 27, 2010) -- Ron Grzelka, President and owner of Caribbean Dive Tours / Worldwide Dive Tours (CDT) recently announced the appointment of Shawn Exnicious as Managing Partner.  Ms. Exnicious has worked with CDT for the past five years as an agent and now has become a partner with Grzelka to take over the leadership and guide CDT into the future.

Forrester Research Study Indicates Travelers Using Web to Plan Vacations Has Dro

(Dive Travel Business News - April 25, 2011) -- Despite predictions that the demise of the travel profession is all but arrived, travel professionals are experiencing an unprecedented come-back.  With natural disasters causing flight cancellations, revolutions putting tourist destinations off limits, and airline and rental car agencies confounding travelers with increasingly complex fees, vacations are becoming increasingly difficult to plan and execute.  On top of this, the Internet generates so much information that it has managed to confuse consumers trying to plan their own va Connects Divers, Retailers and Operators.

(Dive Travel Business News - December 3, 2010) -- Retailers and Operators have been given a new tool to bridge the gap to divers’ travel needs with the launch of, the first and only online portal to help divers plan their next local scuba dive or dive vacation. was introduced at the annua Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) Trade Show in Las Vegas in November 2010.  

World Travel & Tourism Council 2011 Tourism For Tomorrow Awards

(Dive Travel Business News - December 6, 2010) --The application deadline for the World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) 2011 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards is fast approaching.  The WTTC invites tourism businesses and destinations worldwide to enter in one of the four categories: Global Tourism Business, Conservation, Community Benefit and Destination Stewardship, showcasing best practice in sustainable tourism.

Bahamas Diving Association Launches Dive Travel Booking Engine

(Dive Travel Business News - March 30, 2010) -- The Bahamas Diving Association and Bahamas Ministry of Tourism have gone live with a custom built dive travel booking engine created for the Bahamas by Segnant Technologies of Dallas, Texas.

TripAdvisor under Siege to Clean Up Online Reviews

(Dive Travel Business News - November 7, 2010) -- A British reputation management company, KwikChex, is gathering unhappy hotel owners and travel providers in a group to fight TripAdvisor: It's threatening to file class action suits in Britain and the United States for defamation and libel unless TripAdvisor changes its policies about posting user-generated hotel reviews.

Seychelles Environmentalist Kantilal Jivan Passes

(Dive Travel Business News - October 27, 2010) -- Kantilal Jivan, or Kanti as he is better known, father of Nature Seychelles Dr. Nirmal Jivan Shah, passed away suddenly at Victoria Hospital, Mahe, Seychelles on Thursday, October 21, 2010. As a Seychellois of Indian origin, he went beyond his career as a successful businessman, protecting the natural heritage of the Seychelles and influenced many people both in Seychelles and overseas.

States to pursue licensing standard for travel insurance sales

(Dive Travel Business News - October 31, 2010) -- U.S. state regulation of the sale of travel insurance could be moving in a new direction following an agreement among state insurance commissioners to work toward uniform guidelines for travel agents.

US Travel Promotion Act begins Sept 15, 2010

(Dive Travel Business News - Sept 8, 2010) -- Earlier this summer, the U.S. Government raised U.S. passport fees substantially, increasing the cost for US citizens traveling abroad. This fall, the focus will be on inbound travel with the new U.S. Travel Promotion Act:  This Act, which goes into effect next week on Wednesday, September 15, calls for a $14 fee to be levied on travelers from 36 nations who enter the U.S.

Gang-related shoot out at Coki Beach, St. Thomas

(Dive Travel Business News - July 17, 2010) --  Carnival Cruise Lines has suspended all excursions that include the Coki Beach area on St. Thomas, after a 14-year-old female passenger from the Carnival Victory was killed by a stray bullet in a gang related shoot-out on Monday July 13, 2010.

Travel Pros must follow secure flight rules

(Dive Travel Business News - July 7, 2010) -- A couple of airlines are warning travel agents that passenger name records (PNR's) could be cancelled or agencies debited if they fail to properly submit the appropriate data for the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's Secure Flight program, the American Society of Travel Agents alerted members in a dispatch this week.

Antigua Cracks Down on Tourist Crime

(Dive Travel Business News - May 10, 2010 ) -- Antigua reportedly is cracking down hard on crime in the wake of the highly-publicized of a cruise ship passenger earlier this year. Antigua's tourism minister, Jon Maginley says, "We have adopted a zero tolerance (for) criminals and their behavior," saying the country will do what it takes to make the country a "safe, secure and peaceful destination."

Mexico Tourism announces tourist Police force

(Dive Travel Business News - April 28, 2010) -- Mexico’s state tourism ministers have announced new measures for the country’s tourism sector, including the creating of a new tourism police unit in each state within the next 30 days.

Airline fees surprise travelers at check-in

(Dive Travel Buiness News - March 16, 2010) -- It's hard to figure out the true cost of travel these days. Travel Professionals, Tour Operators and their customers are struggling to play catch-up with the changing baggage fee scene along with a surge in airline ancillary fees for meals, premium seating, blankets, WiFi and unaccompanied minors. 

(Travel Weekly - January 14, 2010) -- As the magnitude of the Haiti earthquake continues to unfold, the travel industry is reacting by setting up fundraising initiatives for disaster relief and recovery for the victims in the area. For the latest update of the services and aid being provided by travel companies worldwide click here.

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TravelHorizons Survey Oct 2009

( - Dec 1, 2009) -- An estimated 53 percent of all U.S. households are planning at least one leisure trip between now and April 2010, down slightly from the 56 percent who stated the same intention in October 2008, according to the results of the Ypartnerships most recent travelhorizons survey.

Signs tourism may be taking off

(Travel Agent - Nov 6, 2009) -- Good news may be just around the corner for those of us in dive travel and tourism. The United Nations World Tourism Oragnizations's (UNWTO) recent World Tourism Barometer survey reports that the world's tourism decline may be poised for a rebound with expectations of moderate growth for 2010. 

(June 1, 2009 - DTN) - USA TODAY - New federal rules took effect Monday requiring anyone entering the country by land or sea — including U.S. citizens — to show a passport or other approved document.

Border officials reported no major delays, with agents using Day One as more of an exercise in education.

U.S. citizens returning home at the Dennis DeConcini Port of Entry in Nogales, Ariz., were waved through even if they didn't have the proper ID and handed a flyer explaining the new requirements.

A travel agent's guide to disclaiming liability

(Dive Travel Business News - June 3, 2009) - Regardless of destination, purpose, or price range, every traveler has the same goal for their trip: they want it to be perfect. Oftentimes, however, despite the best effort of a travel agent to plan and prepare the ideal itinerary, something unexpected happens. If the result of this unintended event is personal injury or property damage to the client, he or she will look for someone to blame. Suddenly, the travel agent becomes a convenient target for litigation and the friendly client turns into an angry claimant.

(June 1, 2009 - DTN) - Buffalo Business First - With the new era of border-crossing documentation now in effect, at least one member of Congress remains skeptical and wants further proof that the stricter identification mandates are not hurting the U.S. and Southern Ontario economies.

The Caribbean Tourism Development Co. will host the 15th annual Caribbean Marketing Conference on June 12th at the New Yorker Hotel as part of the events of Caribbean Week in New York, June 8 to 12, 2009.

Keynote speaker Philip Wolf, CEO of PhoCusWright, will address current and future trends impacting the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors in the Caribbean.

A panel discussion will follow Wolf’s address, with a focus on maximizing travel opporturnities in a down economy.

June 1st deadline for passports

(Dive Travel Business News - May 29, 2009) -- The travel industry faces still another federal mandate with the June 1 deadline for implementation of the Western  Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). But luckily, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency assures us they will be flexible and practical in implementation, allowing U.S. and Canadian citizens, if otherwise admissible, to be able to re-enter the United States when the new WHTI rules are implemented.

Suspicious traveler detained at US border

(May 27, 2009 - DTN) - Immigration officials in the U.S. detained a man from Singapore after cancer medication caused his fingerprints to disappear, an oncologist says.

Cancer patients who are being treated with the commonly used drug, capecitabine, should carry a doctor's letter highlighting the side-effect when travelling to the U.S., oncologist Dr. Eng-Huat Tan of the National Cancer Centre said in a letter published Wednesday in the journal Annals of Oncology.

(Wednesday November 12, 2008 - CNN) -- A federal task force approved voluntary guidelines Wednesday for airlines and airports dealing with passengers stranded for hours on the tarmac but produced no fixed limit on how long they can be delayed before being allowed to leave planes.

Passengers who had hoped for stronger protections were left empty-handed by the guidelines.

(November 26, 2008 - The Salt Lake Tribune) --The Transportation Security Administration now permits passengers to board airplanes with large bottles of medically necessary liquids that exceed the agency's 3-ounce limit.

But there's a catch.

The catch is that passengers -- no matter how experienced with TSA security lines and procedures -- must go through specially marked family lanes equipped with scanners able to detect liquid explosives.

(May 6, 2008 - Modern Agent) -- This is an excerpt from an editorial by James Ruggia of Modern Agent:

The Cayman Islands famous dive market is going through unusual times as PADI is reporting a decrease in the number of people taking the course for scuba certification.

(May 12, 2008 - Travel Agent -- Consumers are buzzing about the “R” word. With rising foreclosure rates, soaring gas prices and an economy teetering on recession, you’d think selling a vacation right now would be an impossible task. Not so, says Margie Jordan, owner, ASAP Travel in Jacksonville, FL.

(May 15, 2008 - Travel Daily -- In a first-ever summer forecast for foreign travel, AAA expects 25.1 million Americans will be travelling internationally this summer, an increase of 2.6 percent over the 24.5 million who were estimated to have traveled overseas last summer. The report includes all travel outside of the United States, including Canada and Mexico. According to the report, which was produced by Global Insight, American travelers will be spending $30.7 billion while traveling internationally during the months of June, July and August.

(May 16, 2008 - Travel Trade) -- Some 58% of travel consumers willingly splurge on the right kind of experience, income does not determine who will splurge and who will not, younger travelers are more likely to splurge than older travelers and splurging is driven most often by the desire to create special memories and share unique experiences with loved ones.Those are the key findings in a recent study by PGAV Destination Consulting that explored the behavior and motivating factors of the so-called Splurge Traveler - that traveler who will choose to spend a l

(May 15, 2008 - -- As if high fuel prices aren’t enough, airlines and passengers are getting pinched by rising taxes as the U.S. government demands a bigger piece of the pie.

About 20% of the price of a $300 domestic round-trip ticket goes to taxes and fees, according to the Air Transport Association, compared with 13% in 1992 and 7% in 1972.

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