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Aurora Expeditions offers Antarctic Snorkeling and Diving in 2015

(Dive Travel Business - August 22, 2014) -- Aurora Expeditions will be offering passengers the chance to snorkel  and scuba dive in Antarctica in 2015 during what is midsummer season in the south pole. It’s moulting time for penguins and flight school for cormorant chicks.

The snorkelling and diving trips will be conducted daily, depending on the weather, in sheltered bays, offshore islands and ship wrecks in Antarctic waters during the expedition. 

Zegrahm Expeditions Retrofits 100-passenger Island Sky for Scuba Diving

(Dive Travel Business - July 15, 2014) -- Zegrahm Expeditions is retrofitting one of its ships— the 100-passenger Island Sky - to offer complimentary scuba diving on the upcoming Ultimate Aldabra  to the Seychelles and Voyage to Madagascar expeditions. 

Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Fleet Introduces New Travel Product in the Maldives

(Dive Travel Business - May 16, 2014) -- Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Fleet has introduced a new product that provides added live-aboard travel benefits. The “Free & Easy” Travel Pass offers unique benefits like FREE airport lounge access, FREE night of accommodations and other perks taking the stress out of travel. Explorer Ventures will be offering the Free & Easy Travel Pass periodically throughout the year.

Dive Komodo this July on the Arenui with Liveaboard Adventures

(Dive Travel Business - March 27, 2014) -- It isn’t often the liveaboard dive specialists at Liveaboard Adventures have space on an upcoming departure that isn’t at least a year away.

Siren Fleet Gives Update on Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

(Dive Travel Business - March 11, 2014) -- On the 8th of November, 2013, Hurricane Haiyan swept through Philippines affecting 16 million people. Worldwide Dive and Sail's Siren Fleet has been assisting the typhoon ravaged areas of the Philippines, offering S/Y Phi Siren as a support vessel in relief efforts. Four months after the devastsation, the Fleet offers this update on the situation in the Philippines:

Three Thai Liveaboards Sink in Three Weeks

(Dive Travel Business -- March 3, 2014) -- The Phuket News reports that three live-aboard dive boats have sunk in three weeks off Thailand during January and February 2014.

Buddy Dive Galapagos Ceases Operations

(Dive Travel Business - February 11, 2014) -- On January 29, Buddy Dive officially announced it was shutting down operations in the Galapagos. On December 24, the Galapagos National Park Service (GNPS) suspended the operations of Buddy Dive's two liveaboards, the Wolf Buddy & Darwin Buddy, in the marine reserve for not having complied with the provisions of their operating license.

India's First Live-aboard to visit Adamans

(Dive Travel Business - Dec 18, 2013) -- India's first live-aboard yacht, Infiniti, was launched recently, opening up avenues for scuba divers from across the globe to explore Andaman waters. Live-aboards are very popular worldwide in countries that have strong sea-tourism sectors such as Maldives, Thailand, Caribbean Islands, Red Sea, Indonesia, etc.

Thailand Aggressor will visit Myanmar and Pulau Weh, Indonesia in 2014

(Dive Travel Business - Dec 12, 2013) -- The Thailand Aggressor will begin offering two exciting new destinations in 2014. Beginning June to October, 2014, the Thailand Aggressor will offer a brand new itinerary to the island of Pulau Weh, Indonesia. Pulau Weh, Indonesia offers world class diving due to it’s location of where the Andaman Sea meets the Indian Ocean. This remote island paradise is visited by few divers and off the beaten path.

Worldwide Dive & Sail Update on Relief Efforts and Dive Areas Open in the Philip

(Dive Travel Business - Nov. 14, 2013) -- This is an update from Worldwide Dive & Sail and the Siren Fleet, providing donation and relief effort information, diving information and another way to help:

As Super Typhoon Haiyan made her way to the Philippines our crew and local operations team made preparations to secure the Philippine Siren and P. Siren, taking the yachts to safe anchorage spots in Negros and Bohol.

Aggressor Fleet Launches Red Sea Aggressor with Exceptional Group Incentives.

(Dive Travel Business - October 18, 2013) -- Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet are expanding their worldwide fleet of scuba diving LiveAboards to the Red Sea. The luxurious 120 ft. Red Sea Aggressor offers divers two exciting itineraries.

Aggressor Fleet & Dancer Fleet to Give Away over $100,000 in Dive Vacations

(Dive Travel Business  - October 21, 2013) -- To celebrate 30 fantastic years of the Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet “LiveAboard Lifestyle,” this liveaboard company is giving away $100,000 worth of LiveAboard dive vacations.  Starting today Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet will start giving away 30 dive vacations around the world to mark this significant milestone.  Visit their facebook today to sign up for entry into the Sweepstakes giveaway.

LiveAboard Savings with Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet.

(Dive Travel Business News - Sept 2, 2013) -- Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet are offering substantial savings on most fleet cruises.* Book and deposit on any Aggressor Fleet or Dancer Fleet yacht from September 2 - Sept 20, 2013 for travel completed by January 31, 2014 and receive a $700 savings.

Explorer Ventures offers combined Savings at DEMA Show 2013

(Dive Travel Business News - August 30, 2013) -- Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Fleet has released its Show Specials for DEMA Show 2013.  From small groups to full boat charters, Explorer Ventures is providing substantial savings at all six of its destinations: the Southern Bahamas; Galapagos Archipelago; Maldives; Northeastern Caribbean; Saba, St. Kitts, St. Maarten; Turks & Caicos and; Silver Bank.

Shoot Like a Pro with Aggressor Fleet & Dancer Fleet Photo Pros

(Dive Travel Business News - August 20, 2013) -- Do you have photographers in your client base looking to upgrade their expertise?  Mike Haber and Mike Mesgleski, both seasoned professional photographers, offer their Digital Photo courses exclusively aboard Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet LiveAboard Yachts. The 'two Mikes' put their 40 years of extensive knowledge to help even seasoned photographers create spectacular underwater images and that make underwater photography easy.

Siren Fleet offers Expert-Guided Eco-Trips in 2014

(Dive Travel Business -- August 12, 2013) -- The Siren Fleet will be running a series of Reef Ecology, Marine ID & Conservation liveaboard safaris in a variety of destinations throughout 2014. Each will be hosted by a different marine biologist who are experts in their fields and who will provide a series of presentations to Siren Fleet guests.

M/V Spree Offering Bahamas Charters Starting in Fall 2013

(Dive Travel Business - August 6, 2013) -- The award-winning M/V Spree live-aboard dive vessel has expanded to the Bahamas.   M/V Spree now offers charters from Florida to the Bahamas, as well as cost-effective charters with a Bahamas-only departure and return.  

Aggressor and Dancer Fleets offer Storm Protection During Hurricane Season 2013

(Dive Travel Business News - May 14, 2013) -- Dive travelers take their vacation time seriously and expect to have a safe and fun dive vacation as they leave their worries at home. A named meteorological disturbance can make the seas rough everywhere, adversely affecting valuable dive time. This is why Aggressor Fleet & Dancer Fleet developed a "StormCheck" program that compensates guests who lose days of diving on Aggressor Fleet & Dancer Fleet vacations as a result of a named storm.

Travel Pros can now book both Aggressor and Dancer Fleets in One Location.

(Dive Travel Business News - January 22, 2013) -- Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet have consolidated their organization offices into one centralized office located at their corporate headquarters in Augusta, Georgia. This new change now in effect, follows the merging of the new proprietary reservation system, offering resellers the ability to work with one office.

Anniversary Special Savings with Explorer Ventures

(Dive Travel Business News - Wednesday January 9, 2013) -- Explorer Ventures is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with specials on its first and still-running Northeastern Caribbean itinerary as well as savings on other destinations within the fleet in 2013.

Book & Deposit by January 31, 2013 to enjoy savings on the Explorer Ventures 25th Anniversary Specials now available:

Explorer Ventures Celebrates 25 Years with DEMA 2012 Specials

(Dive Travel Business News - September 24, 2012) -- Celebrating 25 years, the Explorer Ventures Fleet has grown to offer live-aboard dive charters at six dive destinations including the Southern Bahamas, Northeastern Caribbean (Saba/St. Kitts), the Turks & Caicos Islands, the Galapagos Islands and the Maldives.

Aggressor Fleet & Dancer Fleet Feeding Frenzy Begins!

(Dive Travel Business News - August 31, 2012) -- Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet have announced their "Feeding Frenzy" special beginning on U.S. Labor Day (Monday September 3, 2012) on new reservations. Book and deposit on any Aggressor or Dancer Fleet yacht by September 15, 2012 for travel completed by January 8, 2013 and receive a $700 savings.

S/Y Fiji Siren Ahead of Schedule.

(Dive Travel Business News - May 21, 2012) -- FIJI --The founder of Worldwide Dive and Sail, Frank van der Linde has confirmed that the building of the S/Y Fiji Siren is ahead of schedule and that the boat will be ready by April 2013 and will begin Fiji cruises in October.

SS Thorfinn Celebrates 30 Years in Truk

(Dive Travel Business News - May 18, 2012) -- MICRONESIA -- To help celebrate the 30th anniversary of  the SS THORFINN's Micronesian operations in Truk Lagoon,  the vessel has announced a limited-time program.  When booking a group for travel on the THORFINN, the vessel is offering a special COMP program on spot free for every three paying travelers.

Explorer Ventures Celebrates 25 Years.

(Dive Travel Business News - June 5, 2012) --To celebrate its landmark 25th anniversary, liveaboard fleet Explorer Ventures is offering several specials on its first and still-running Northeastern Caribbean itinerary  between St. Maarten, Saba and St. Kitts. 

Aggressor and Dancer Fleets Team Up for Dive the World Club.

(Dive Travel Business News - April 5, 2012) -- Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet have teamed up to offer guests a generous travel reward program with more options with their Dive The World Club. As part of their diver loyalty program, benefits include:

Dive Buddy Weeks with Dancer Fleet in 2012

(Dive Travel Business - January 31, 2012) -- Diving is meant to be shared. To encourage positive Buddy relationships the Dancer Fleet is continuing its “Dive Buddy Week” promotions in 2012 on select Dancer Fleet departures. When one diver is booked on a dive buddy week at regular price, his or her dive buddy travels for ½ off the regular cruise price. Single divers booked during Dive Buddy Week receive a 25% per person discount.

Former Paradise Dancer Vessel Now Under New Management

(Dive Travel Business News - January 9, 2012) -- The luxury liveaboard Paradise Dancer has decided to weigh anchor and set sail under her own management after 3 years with the Dancer Fleet .  She now operates under the name, Dewi Nusantara, meaning Goddess of the Archipelago in Indonesian.

Worldwide Dive & Sail Loses Vessel in Raja Ampat

(Dive Travel Business News - January 4, 2012) -- Worldwide Dive and Sail, a premier luxury diving yacht company that plies the waters of Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean, has just reported an incident on board the S/Y Mandarin Siren. During a recent diving trip, in the Raja Ampat region of Indonesia, a fire broke out below decks while the guests were on a morning dive. The S/Y Mandarin Siren crew were unable to contain the blaze and were forced to abandon the vessel which was subsequently lost.

Founder Peter Hughes Launches Luxury Live-aboard Partnership

(Dive Travel Business News - Nov 10, 2011) -- Founded in 2011 by dive industry veteran Peter A. Hughes, the DivEncounters Alliance debuted at the trade-only DEMA Show 2011 in Orlando Florida, November 2-5. The DiveEncounters Alliance is a worldwide partnership of like-minded independent luxury live-aboard operators who are located in the world's most highly sought after dive destinations.

Bahamas New Carib Dancer added to Dancer Fleet in May 2012

(Dive Travel Business News - November 2, 2011) -- At the first day of the DEMA Show 2011, worldwide liveaboard company Dancer Fleet, has announced its latest dive yacht: The 100-foot custom luxury Carib Dancer will launch her maiden voyage May 12, 2012, allowing 14 divers to explore the best of the Bahamas each week out of Nassau each week.

New Media Channels for Aggressor and Dancer Fleets
(Dive Travel Business News -- September 18, 2011) -- Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet have launched two new online media channels: Read more
Seychelles Diving & Snorkeling Adventures Scheduled in 2012

(Dive Travel Business News - June 6, 2011) -- In January 2012, Zegrahm Expeditions will operate two diving- and snorkeling-focused voyages to the Seychelles aboard the 110-passenger Clipper Odyssey. Throughout their Ultimate Seychelles and Classic Seychelles journeys, divers and snorkelers will encounter over 150 coral species and some 850 species of rainbow-hued fish, as well as manta rays, spinner dolphins, hawksbill and green turtles, and hundreds of giant clams. Highlights on both itineraries include:

Explorer Ventures Offers Buddy Weeks

(Dive Travel Business News - May 24, 2011) -- For a limited time, Explorer Ventures is offering Buddy Bonus weeks.  One diver pays full price and the buddy gets half off. Buddy Bonus weeks are available in the Northeastern Caribbean and the Turks & Caicos. More Summer Specials are also available in the Maldives, Galapagos, Turks & Caicos and Northeastern Caribbean.


New S/Y Maldives Siren expands Worldwide Dive & Sail Fleet to 5 sailing vessels

(DiveTravelBusinessNews - November 14, 2010) -- Worldwide Dive and Sail, live-aboard company that has become known for its luxury dive and sail itineraries around Southeast Asia, now has 5 vessels taking guests to the best dive sites in Thailand, Burma, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and its newest destination - the Maldives.

Explorer Ventures Celebrates 24 Years

(Dive Travel Business News - November 5, 2010) -- Celebrating 24 years of live-aboard diving, Explorer Ventures is using DEMA Show 2010 to say thanks to the industry. During the show, Explorer Ventures will partner with Scuba Radio to give away over $11,000 in Explorer Ventures’ live-aboard trips.

Peter Hughes Diving Now Dancer Fleet®

(Dive Travel Business News - July 30, 2010) --  For almost 20 years, Peter Hughes Diving, Inc. operated the worldwide group of luxury liveaboard yachts known as the “Dancer Fleet”.  This month the company has announced they are formally changing their name to “Dancer Fleet, Inc.”.   Along with the name change is a rebranding of the entire organization that incorporates the new name and logo.

Extreme Marine offers diving under the volcano at Montserrat

(Dive Travel Business News - July 22, 2010) --Montserrat’s Extreme Marine Scuba dive facility is offering travelers “Explore Montserrat,” a three-day adventure originating departing from Antigua and featuring unlimited diving, boat accommodations, meals and a boat tour to the former capital city of Plymouth.

Nekton Diving Cruises Ceases Operations

(Dive Travel Business News - May 31, 2010) -- Nekton Diving Cruises ceased operations May 17, 2010. The Florida-based dive tour company operated two ultra-stable SWATH twin-hull dive boats designed for people prone to sea sickness.

Aggressor Fleet launches Baja Aggressor

(Dive Travel Business News - May 10, 2010) -- Aggressor Fleet is launching a new dive yacht destination offering three adventures - Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark and Gray Whale charters - in Baja, Mexico starting July 24, 2010.  Aggressor Fleet's introductory offer is only US$1995 pp during 2010.  

First ever Liveaboard expeditions to South Africa's annual sardine run

Dive Travel Business News - May 6, 2010) -- Extraordinary Expeditions offers the "Greatest Shoal on Earth" with its first-ever live-aboard expeditions to South Africa's annual sardine run this June and July 2011.

Peter Hughes commences service in Cocos Island

(Dive Travel Business News - April 25, 2010) - Miami, FL -- Peter Hughes Diving, in cooperation with M/Y Wind Dancer’s new owner, Las Adventuras Del Bailarin Del Vien, will move the M/Y Wind Dancer to Cocos Island and  commence operation July 8, 2010.

Dancer Fleet introduces Tropic Dancer in Palau

(Dive Travel Business News - April 24, 2010) -- Miami, FL - Peter Hughes Diving, in cooperation with owner Palau Watersports, will begin operation of the 9th Dancer Fleet® yacht, the M/Y Tropic Dancer on June 6, 2010.  Based in Koror, Palau,  the Tropic Dancer will cruise the Rock Islands of Palau and beyond, taking divers to the best diving Micronesia has to offer.

The wreck of the RMS Titanic

(Dive Travel Business News - April 15, 2010) -- Bill Willard is a self-described Titanic enthusiast who wants to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the White Star Line luxury cruise liner Titanic - in a big way. Willard has teamed up with upscale line Azamara Club Cruises to offer "Voyages! Titanic 2012" to commemorate the maritime disaster.  He knows there will be a lot of enthusiasts like himself ready to make the cruise of a lifetime to the world's most famous shipwreck.

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