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Project Aware's Debris Month of Action

(Dive Travel Business - September 5, 2014) -- Project AWARE has launched "Debris Month of Action" – a time when thousands of scuba divers around the world rally together to take action against the trash from our everyday lives that makes its way to the ocean. Marine debris, or trash in the ocean, consists of litter like plastic bags, food wrappers and drink bottles as well as enormous fishing nets, cars and industrial waste. It’s unsightly, costly for local communities and endangers some of our most vulnerable underwater species.

Donsol Whale Shark Research and Ecotourism Sustainability Program

(Dive Travel Business - August 26, 2014) -- Donsol, Sorsogonin the Philippines rose from a fifth-class municipality to a first-class town because of the Community-based Whale Shark Ecotourism Program, which the local government and WWF started more than a decade ago.

Tourism Operators and Eco-Aware Divers Clean Up the Coast during Go Eco Phuket 2

(Dive Travel Business - August 21, 2014) -- PHUKET/BANGKOK, Thailand – Go Eco Phuket, a collective of eco-aware scuba divers, diving shops, and businesses from Phuket once again joined forces with groups and individuals from the public and private sectors to organize one of Thailand’s largest coastal and reef clean-ups.

Coral-Growing Program an Added Attraction for snorkelers to Maldives Resort

(Dive Travel Business - August 20, 2014) -- A house reef complete with a dedicated shipwreck is one of the outstanding features at Centara Grand Island Beach Resort & Spa Maldives, enjoyed by snorkelers, divers and even the occasional underwater wedding party, and now the resort has embarked upon a program designed to rehabilitate parts of the reef that have stopped growing and promote the growth of new coral.

The program is part of Centara Grand Island’s energetic policy towards environmental conservation.

Stingray City, Cayman’s #1 Tourism Attraction, Enjoys Full Protection

(Dive Travel Business - July 25, 2014) -- For more than 30 years, divers and snorkelers to Grand Cayman have enjoyed a unique first-hand encounter with dozens of friendly stingrays that gather at two sites in the clear waters of the North Sound − Stingray City and the sandbar. This creature experience is on the bucket lists of divers across the world. The celebrity rays have been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, the cover of National Geographic Magazine, and most dive publications.

New Caledonia to Create Largest Marine Preserve on Earth

(Dive Travel Business - June 12, 2014) -- New Caledonia, a small island chain in the South Pacific, just set aside the largest protected area on the planet. The sprawling marine park spans 1.3 million square kilometers — or more than 320 million acres — easily becoming the most expansive wilderness preserve anywhere, on land or at sea.

In Honor of the Captain's Birthday, It's Time To Turn on Your Inner Cousteau

(Dive Travel Business - June 11, 2014) -- Today is the 104th birthday of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Born June 11, 1910 Jacques-Yves Cousteau AC was a French naval officer, explorer, conservationist, filmmaker, innovator, scientist, photographer, author and researcher who studied the sea and all forms of life in water. He co-developed the Aqua-Lung, pioneered marine conservation and was a member of the Académie Française. Cousteau died at the age of 87 on June 25, 1997.

Green Globe Dive Resort Protects Endangered Species

(Dive Travel Business - May 5, 2014) -- "Nassau grouper are beautiful, they have personalities and they can be like friendly puppy dogs," said Peter Hillenbrand, Owner of the Southern Cross Club in the Cayman Islands.

"Unfortunately, these puppy dogs are easy to catch and taste very good."  Peter Hillenbrand pretty much sums up what has happened to the iconic Nassau grouper in the Caribbean. Overfishing has depleted traditional spawning sites to the point where most are dormant or extinct.

Marine Biologist educates locals in Anti-Fishbombing Campaign at World-Class Div

(Dive Travel Business - April 25, 2014) Its reputation as a world-class diving spot has gotten tourists flocking to Mabul Island in Sabah,Malaysia. The rich marine biodiversity is an underwater experience to savour, and this is made possible by the people who work tirelessly to spread marine awareness and monitor unlawful activities to help preserve this paradise.

Indonesia establishes World's Largest Manta Sanctuary

(Dive Travel Business - April 21, 2014) -- Last month, Indonesia’s Minister of Fisheries announced that his country’s territorial waters will become the largest refuge for manta rays in the world, with an area of about 2.3 million square miles. Indonesia’s two species of mantas (reef and giant mantas) which are listed as 'threatened' on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's red list of endangered species now have full protection in the newly established sanctuary.

The Lionfish Kings of East End Grand Cayman

(Dive Travel Business - April 8, 2014) -- Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands  – “Lionfish are beautiful, resilient and strong – a cool fish - but they are deadly to our reefs and if we don’t stop them something bad is going to happen,” says Matt Russell a divemaster/instructor at Ocean Frontiers who has watched the invasion with deep concern for the marine environment.

The Guardian of the Reef to be Welcomed at his Permanent Underwater Home

(Dive Travel Business - March 26, 2014) -- Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – He has traveled thousands of miles to arrive in Grand Cayman, and on Saturday, April 12 the bronze sculpture Guardian of the Reef will be sunk at his permanent home on a sandy flat at 60f/18m off the island’s Northwest Point.

10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Oceans

(Dive Travel Business -- February 25, 2014) -- This week PADI Project AWARE has launched its new 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet – a modernized ocean ethic to guide scuba divers to harness the power of scuba every time they dive and travel.

Just like climbers and campers have an ethic or code to live by – so do scuba divers. Project AWARE’s 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet helps divers of all skill levels make a difference when they dive, travel, and more.

(Dive Travel Business - January 30, 2014) - According to the United Nations’ top climate official, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres, the discussions on climate change at this year’s World Economic Forum provided the clearest indication yet that 2014 will be the year when the world can and must come together to meet the growing challenge of climate change.

Blue Economy Summit:  "We Must Create a Blue Economy Now"

(Dive Travel Business - January 20, 2014) -- Abu Dhabi - Major changes in how the planet's marine resources are managed and used are needed to safeguard global food security and ensure the wellbeing of coastal and island countries, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Director-General José Graziano da Silva told a group of high level policymakers meeting here today.

Research Shows Efforts to Save Coral Reefs Not a Lost Cause

(Dive Travel Business News - January 13, 2014) -- Science Daily -- In a 13-year study in the Cayman Islands, warm ocean temperatures led to bleaching and infectious disease that reduced live coral cover by more than 40 percent between 1999 and 2004. But seven years later, the amount of live coral on the reefs, the density of young colonies critical to the reefs' future health, and the overall size of corals all had returned to the 1999 state, the study showed.

The Ocean is our Silent Partner: Yet it has no place at the industry table.

(Dive Travel Business - Nov 15, 2013) -- Editorial --  by Laurie J. Wilson

DEMA's Moving Towards 2020: Developing a Strategic Vision for the Recreational Diving Industry brainstorming session was held on the closing Saturday of DEMA Show 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

Renowned Marine Wildlife Artist and Conservationist to be Inducted into the 2013

(Dive Travel Business - November 6, 2013) -- Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands -- Dr. Guy Harvey will join an elite group of scuba diving legends next Tuesday, in Grand Cayman when he is inducted into the sport¹s hall of fame. The honor comes as Dr. Harvey marks his 40th year as a certified diver, much of that time engaged in underwater photography, filming and studying a variety of saltwater wildlife.

(Dive Travel Business - Nov 5, 2013) -- The Guardian of the Reef, a13-foot sculpture of mythological creature destined to be an artificial reef in the Cayman Islands will be on display at the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association's Show (DEMA) in Orlando November 6 – 9, 2013

On his way to the sandy flat that will become his permanent home in the Cayman Islands, the Guardian of the Reef is making an interim stop in Orlando where he will be on display at DEMA booth #1067 near the Cayman Islands section.

"Bluing the Dive Industry": Join a Critical Conversation at DEMA Show 2013

(Dive Travel Business - October 29, 2013) -- Scuba Schools International (SSI) would like to invite DEMA Show participants to a new movement happening in the dive industry called "Bluing the Dive Industry". This idea was an outcome of the Colorado Scuba Retailers Association (CSRA) coming together with the Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO) to bring scuba and environmental awareness to our landlocked state of adventurers.

Who are we?

Compass Point Dive Resort Receives Green Globe Re-certification for Sustainable

(Dive Travel Business News - October 22, 2013) --The Compass Point Dive Resort at East End in Grand Cayman has recently received its Green Globe re-certification for sustainable tourism.  Green Globe provides a framework and guidelines to help tourism businesses develop and improve on best sustainability practices to save energy and water resources, reduce operational costs and positively contribute to local communities and their environment.

Small Islands Urged to make Tourism Key to Sustainable Development.

(Dive Travel Business News - October 4, 2013) -- In recognition of the importance of tourism to the economy and sustainable development of many Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and other islands, and the specific opportunities and challenges for islands in pursuing sustainable tourism, the World Tourism Organization called on UN bodies and other international agencies, the governments of SIDS, the national and local authorities of other islands, and the tourism industry, to place tourism as a priority in the development agenda of islands.

Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future

(Dive Travel Business - Oct 1, 2013) -- As the highlight of the United Nations´ World Tourism Day (WTD) on Friday September 27, 2013, a high-level Think Tank on Tourism and Water gathered leading experts on water preservation, public and private sector tourism stakeholders and media experts to discuss key issues contributing to a more sustainable water future.

Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago Protected by Luxury Resort's Foundation

(Dive Travel Business News - Sept 26, 2013) --  With coral reefs, mangrove forests and sea grass beds inhabited by sea turtles, whale sharks and seahorses, diving the the Koh Rong Archipelago is one of the most diverse and least known marine environments in Southeast Asia.  The Song Saa Foundation, a Cambodia-based organisation dedicated to protecting the land and waters of southern Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago, was officially launched on September 21st.

Komodo Dive Operators, MantaWatch Pivotal in Establishing Shark, Manta Ray Sanct

(Dive Travel Business News - Sept 17, 2013) -- The Indonesian district of West Manggarai and Komodo has recently designated  its entire marine and coastal waters as a manta ray and shark sanctuary.  This region is home to some of the world’s richest marine biodiversity, including more than 10 shark species, and both oceanic (Manta birostris) and reef manta rays (Manta alfredi).<

DiveTech's New Dive Site Raises Awareness and Funds for Kids Ocean Conservation

(Dive Travel Business News - Sept 12, 2013) -- The “Guardian of the Reef” a mythological creature half ancient warrior, half seahorse is poised to become the newest star of Cayman’s dive scene and a beacon for marine conservation.

The 13-foot sculpture, commissioned by Divetech owners Jay and Nancy Easterbrook from Canadian artist Simon Morris, will be sunk in January as an artificial reef and underwater attraction to launch a 12-month celebration of Divetech’s 20 anniversary.

Scotland Safeguards its Underwater Heritage Sites with first Historic MPA's

(Dive Travel Business News - September 3, 2013) -- Scotland's first set of Historic Marine Protected Areas (MPA's) was recently announced by Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs.  The announcement came after the urgent designation of the remains of a well-preserved vessel, believed to be a 17th century merchant ship, had been assessed to be of national importance.

Tourism "Green" Marketing Spins and Frauds Exposed in New Report.

(Dive Travel Business News - July 22, 2013) -- It certainly pays to look green, but the Tourism & Greenwash Report, released today by TotemTourism reveals that all that looks green, honest and wholesome in the tourism industry is often cynical greenwashed marketing spin. The new report outlines the extent of misleading green marketing in the industry and includes a full analysis of 138 green tourism schemes plus top 20 certifications.

Responsible Tourism at a Tipping Point to go Mainstream

( -- July 10, 2013) -- In an interview with Travel Weekly UK, the founder of adventure operator G Adventures, Bruce Poon Tip, says responsible tourism has 
reached a “tipping point” in the industry.

Korean Air Bans Shark Fins on its Cargo Flights

(Dive Travel Business News - June 27, 2013) -- Hong Kong -- Korean Air has announced its recent policy to suspend the carriage of shark fins on its cargo flights in a bid to protect sharks, one of the globally endangered marine species.

Previously, Korean Air carried shark fins only under the condition that a valid CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) permit was fully obtained by the customer from the related national management authority.

Lord of the Sharks, Legenday Diving Icon Hans Hass Passes.

(Dive Travel Business News - June 24, 2013) -- Professor Dr. Hans Hass, one of the greatest icons of the diving world, passed away on Sunday morning, the 16th June, 2013 at age 94. An Austrian undersea explorer, writer, filmmaker and diving pioneer, Hass was known mainly for his  expeditions, books and films that were part of the pioneering 20th-century efforts to unlock the secrets of the deep.

(Dive Travel Business News - June 7, 2013) -- WASHINGTON— Wildlife conservation and animal-protection groups are applauding a National Marine Fisheries Service proposal to keep existing speed limits along the U.S. East Coast to protect critically endangered North Atlantic right whales.

Belize Supreme Court Halts Offshore Oil Drilling to Protect Barrier Reef

(Dive Travel Business News - April 18, 2013) -- BELIZE CITY, Belize - Belize's Supreme Court declared offshore drilling contracts issued by the Government of Belize (in 2004 and 2007) null and void, providing a dramatic and potentially definitive setback to The Government of Belize and the petroleum prospecting companies issued the contracts.

Good News for Our Oceans - Aquarius Reef Based has been Saved.

(Dive Travel Business News - Thursday January 17, 2013) --Yesterday, news that gives us hope for future ocean exploration was confirmed – Aquarius Reef Base off Key Largo has been saved. Through a great deal of work by a great number of dedicated people, including many in the dive industry, the only underwater laboratory on earth has been funded for continued operation.  Aquarius is an invaluable tool to study the ocean environment allowing us to gather knowledge of our changing ocean and its inhabitants.

 Sustainable Seafood Guide Helps Dive Travelers Choose their Food Wisely.

(Dive Travel Business News - Friday January 4, 2013) -- Dive Travelers heading for the diving mecca of Bonaire can now wisely choose their seafood dining options thanks to  The website provides a quick-reference sustainable seafood guide to  safely order seafood when dining or shopping for seafood to prepare while on Bonaire.

Newly Protected Honduras Reefs Are A Diver's Dream

(Dive Travel Business News - November 14, 2012) -- Tela, Honduras—A unique dive site, previously unknown to the scientific community, has been discovered by the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL), The Healthy Reefs Initiative (HRI), and their local partners near the coastal town of Tela, Honduras. The reef is so exceptional that the local municipal government recently declared it a marine protected area, and CORAL is now launching an effort with local officials, conservation groups, and business owners to ensure its future protection.

Popular Dive Resort Chain Ups its Eco-initiatives.

(Dive Travel Business News - October 19, 2012) -- Divi Resorts is greening up its act with a series of environmental initiatives begun more than two years ago at its 10 Caribbean resorts on the  five islands of Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, St Croix, and St Maarten.  E.J. Schanfarber, President of Divi Resorts, initiated a number of sustainable measures when he arrived at Divi in 2007, but they proved a hard sell to employees. 

Seychelles Demonstrates Commitment to Protected Areas and Eco-tourism

(Dive Travel Business News - August 3, 2012) -- Following the Rio Conference held in June in Brazil, at the Head of States side event, “Leaders Valuing Nature: A Celebration of Commitments,” the Seychelles pledged to the international community to further increase its protected area and special reserves. The Seychells government has further demonstrated its commitment in marine and terrestrial protected areas by changing the status of the D’Aros and St. Joseph atolls to that of a protected reserve.

Historic Illinois Legislation Protects Sharks.

(Dive Travel Business News - July 2, 2012) --Chicago, Illinois -- Joining the ranks of California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington, yesterday the State of Illinois adopted a legislative ban on shark fins, through the enactment of House Bill 4119 (sponsored by Sara Feigenholtz and Antonio Muñoz). The bill was signed into law today by Gov. Pat Quinn.

Reef Environmental Education Foundation offers Fishinars.

(Dive Travel Business News - June 18, 2012) -- The Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) is now offering free online education. These "fishinars" are short webinars presented by experts that teach the finer points of identifying fish and invertebrates underwater.

Bag It: Reduce Plastic Consumption to Protect our Seas.

(Dive Travel Business News - June 15, 2012) -- One week ago, the world  celebrated World Oceans Day -  the UN-designated day for the global community to celebrate and take action for our shared ocean. One of the greatest threats to the ocean is also one of the most insidious because it’s so mundane you probably don’t even notice it. Look around you right now... how much plastic do you see?

(Dive Travel Business News - May 4, 2012) -- As Europe enters the final stages of debate on a proposal to close the loopholes in the shark finning ban, find out what finning is, why the current regulation isn’t good enough.

See the video here;

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Green Globe Launches Sustainable Travel Site

(Dive Travel Business News - April 26, 2012) --  - Green Globe Certification recently launched its new sustainable travel website, . The site provides sustainable hotels, cruise ships, meeting facilities, tour operators, and attractions in the world’s most exciting travel locations. Businesses are displayed in alphabetical order with description, pictures, location and map, contact information, and links to booking. Users can also search by property name, country, or category.

Cayman Islands' Endangered Nassau Grouper Recovery Efforts helped by The Mystery
(Dive Travel Business News - April 23, 2012) -- Recent scientific evidence shows that a ten-year effort to protect the spawning aggregation sites for the endangered Nassau Grouper has resulted in a growing and healthy population of the species on the reefs near Little Cayman‹a harbinger that the recovery of the species may spread throughout the Caribbean.

"After ten years the detective work is finally done," said an exuberant Dr. Guy Harvey, a Cayman resident and an ardent conservationist and internationally known marine wildlife artist.

Divers Mobilize on Earth Day to Save Sharks

(DIve Travel Business News- April 16, 2012) -- This Earth Day and throughout April, Project AWARE and divers worldwide call on local communities to rally support for the protection of the world’s most vulnerable shark species by signing and organizing petition signatures to protect heavily traded species. Nearly 100,000 concerned divers and shark advocates have already signed their support for Project AWARE’s shark petition.

Coral Restoration Foundation begins New Project in Bonaire.

(Dive Travel Business News - March 29, 2012) -- The Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) will soon start a pilot project in Bonaire, assisting local authorities and a local coral reef restoration group in developing a restoration program on the main island of Bonaire and adjacent island of Klein Bonaire.

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Drops Shark Fin from the Menu in all its Resorts.

(Dive Travel Business News - January 18, 2012) -- Hong-Kong based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has announced its "Sustainable Seafood Policy" including the commitment to cease serving shark fin in all of its operated restaurants as well as accepting new orders for shark fin products in banqueting with immediate effect.

World Ocean Council to Join UN Expert Group on Oceans at Rio +20 Conference

(Dive Travel Business News - January 11, 2012) -- The World Ocean Council (WOC) efforts to create an unprecedented cross-sectoral industry alliance for leadership on ocean sustainability has got the attention of the United Nations. WOC will participate in the U.N. Secretary General’s five-person ocean expert group to help shape international efforts for ocean sustainability. In addition to the private sector WOC, the four other experts in the group represent government, academic and non-government organizations will join the Ocean Expert group.

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