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How to Stop Shark Attacks Without Killing Sharks

(Dive Travel Business - August 28, 2014) -- It’s that time of year when you’ll be inundated with all things shark, what with Sharknado 2 and "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel. And so scientists want to remind everyone that we can coexist with the landlord, as surfers refer to the ocean’s top predator.

WHO declares Ebola an International Health Emergency

( - Monday August 25, 2014) -- The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) in accordance with the International Health Regulations (2005).

Malaysia Government proposes Take-over and Overhaul of Malaysia Airlines

(Dive Travel Business - August 19, 2014) -- Saying Malaysia Airlines needs a “complete overhaul” following two devastating air disasters, the Malaysian government’s strategic investment fund Khazanah Nasional Berhad (Khazanah), has announced a formal process to take full ownership, de-list Malaysian Airline System Berhad (MAS), and take the carrier private before undertaking a "complete overhaul". The fund acted after the double tragedies of flights MH370 and MH17 pushed Malaysia Airlines (MAS) to the financial brink.

Remarkable Warming Reported in Central California Coastal Waters

(Dive Travel Business - August 18, 2014) -- In June, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that the first six months of this year were the hottest ever in California. And it was the second warmest year, on average, in Los Angeles in the last 70 years. California also experienced the warmest winter on record in 2013-2014.

FCO Advises Increased Likelihood of Demonstrations in Egypt

(Dive Travel Business - August 12, 2014) -- According to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, there is an increased likelihood of demonstrations in Cairo and across Egypt on or around Thursday 14 August. This date marks the first anniversary of violent clashes between protestors and security forces in Cairo that resulted in a large number of deaths and injuries. Avoid large gatherings and demonstrations.

he atmosphere at demonstrations can change quickly and without warning. Police may use water cannon, tear gas, birdshot or live ammunition for crowd control.

The world’s Largest Underwater Theme Park aims to attract Snorkelers and Diving

(Dive Travel Business - July 24, 2014) -- A new underwater attraction in Dubai, apparently inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean, The Pearl of Dubai aims to attract scuba diving and snorkelling tourists to the emirate.

Britain Extends Travel Warning to Kenya Coast.

(Dive Travel Business - July 23, 2014) -- Tourists should avoid all but essential travel to Kenya's popular tourist destination of Lamu and the surrounding area, the British Foreign Office said in an update to its travel advice.

Following a string of terrorist attacks over the past four weeks that have left at least 85 people dead, the Foreign Office updated its travel advisory to avoid Lamu County and areas of Tana River County, north of the Tana River.

Prince William new President of BSAC

(Dive Travel Business - July 16, 2014) -- Last Wednesday, Prince William did some SCUBA diving at the Oasis Sports Centre in Covent Garden, London in honor of taking over his father’s post as president of the British Sub-Aqua Club. 

German Tourists Abducted off Sabah, located in the Philippines

(Dive Travel Business - July 18, 2014) -- Two German tourists who have been missing for three months had been abducted by Abu Sayyaf militants and were being held “unharmed” by the al-Qaida-linked gunmen in the jungle in the southern Philippines, security officials said Thursday.

Thai Curfew Lifted by General of the Thai Army as Peace Restored

(Dive Travel Business - June 17, 2014) --On Friday June 13, the nighttime curfew imposed last month by the Thai Army on locals and visitors alike when the Thai Army took control from the government was lifted across the country by the coup leader of the Thai Royal Army.

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