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Donsol Whale Shark Research and Ecotourism Sustainability Program

(Dive Travel Business - August 26, 2014) -- Donsol, Sorsogonin the Philippines rose from a fifth-class municipality to a first-class town because of the Community-based Whale Shark Ecotourism Program, which the local government and WWF started more than a decade ago.

Aurora Expeditions offers Antarctic Snorkeling and Diving in 2015

(Dive Travel Business - August 22, 2014) -- Aurora Expeditions will be offering passengers the chance to snorkel  and scuba dive in Antarctica in 2015 during what is midsummer season in the south pole. It’s moulting time for penguins and flight school for cormorant chicks.

The snorkelling and diving trips will be conducted daily, depending on the weather, in sheltered bays, offshore islands and ship wrecks in Antarctic waters during the expedition. 

Tourism Operators and Eco-Aware Divers Clean Up the Coast during Go Eco Phuket 2

(Dive Travel Business - August 21, 2014) -- PHUKET/BANGKOK, Thailand – Go Eco Phuket, a collective of eco-aware scuba divers, diving shops, and businesses from Phuket once again joined forces with groups and individuals from the public and private sectors to organize one of Thailand’s largest coastal and reef clean-ups.

Heart of the Coral Triangle now has a Home On the Web

(Dive Travel Business - August 11, 2014) -- Renowned photographers and coral triangle destination experts, Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock, along with web designers, Newmediasoup, announce the launch of

The new site is the ultimate source for information about one of the world’s most popular scuba diving destinations, including Raja Ampat, Cenderawasih Bay and Triton Bay.

Vanuatu Tourists get a Chance to take Action Against Climate Change

(Dive Travel Business - August 5, 2014) -- A new eco-tourism venture aimed at reversing the effects of climate change on coral reefs has been launched in Vanuatu.

Coral gardening, or mariculture, involves snorkelling to reattach broken pieces of coral to damaged reefs, which can eventually grow into full size coral colonies.

A Secretariat of the Pacific Community technical advisor in Vanuatu, Christopher Bartlett, says the project was launched last week at Worasiviu Village on Pele Island.

Bahamas Supreme Court Closes Dolphin Tourism Attraction.

(Dive Travel Business - Aug 1, 2014) -- In a major victory for marine mammals, a Supreme Court judge in the Bahamas has ordered a “swim-with-dolphins” exhibit to shut down and release its eight captive dolphins.

The facility on Blackbeard’s Cay, off the coast of Nassau, had barely opened its doors when Justice Stephen Isaacs ordered its owners, Blue Illusions Limited,  to remove the shallow and unprotected sea pens that the dolphins were held in and restore the area to its original condition.

The world’s Largest Underwater Theme Park aims to attract Snorkelers and Diving

(Dive Travel Business - July 24, 2014) -- A new underwater attraction in Dubai, apparently inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean, The Pearl of Dubai aims to attract scuba diving and snorkelling tourists to the emirate.

Cornell Report: Eco-certification Delivers Better Business for Hoteliers

(Dive Travel Business Monday June 16, 2014) -- According to the latest research from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, Center for Hospitality Research, eco-certified hotels "generally have higher resource efficiency on both the operator and the customer factors." And furthermore, "This finding underscores the credibility of audit-worthy eco-certifications … and provides further empirical evidence for operational benefits of eco-certifications."

Keys to Successful Destination Marketing & Management Revealed - Free Report

(Dive Travel Business News - Friday June 13, 2014) -- Sustainable Destination Report, a free report offered by Totem Tourism identifies the major factors that underscore successful destination management. In profiling activities in 26 countries, the report outlines a number of common themes that each of these destinations employs to provide an appropriate mix of activities and practices that support continued success as a sustainable destination.

New Caledonia to Create Largest Marine Preserve on Earth

(Dive Travel Business - June 12, 2014) -- New Caledonia, a small island chain in the South Pacific, just set aside the largest protected area on the planet. The sprawling marine park spans 1.3 million square kilometers — or more than 320 million acres — easily becoming the most expansive wilderness preserve anywhere, on land or at sea.

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