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A Coral Reef Designed for Valentine's Day

(Dive Travel Business News - Feb 14, 2012) -- The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system (and it's largest living structure ), comprising nearly 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands off the eastern coast of Australia. One of these thousands of reefs is Heart Reef, so named for its shape. It is located in the Whitsunday Islands and must be viewed from the air as the area is protected and snorkelers and scuba divers are not allowed to enter.

Boston Sea Rovers Show Attracts Non-Diving Friends and Family.

(Dive Travel Business News - January 27, 2012) -- The upcoming Boston Sea Rovers Show, to be held at the CoCo Key Hotel & Water Resort in Danvers MA on the weekend of March 10-11, has created many incentives for attendees to bring along non-diving friends and family.

(Dive Travel Business News - January 19, 2012) -- The Dive Cooperative, a dive operation and training academy in Cozumel on a mission to bring a higher consciousness to diving, is launching an innovative new retreat entitled "Dive Within". This unique 7-day program brings together the synergies of scuba diving and yoga in an integrated program that allows for exploration of many aspects of day-to-day life.

Gaps in the Diving Industry's Approach to Snorkeling Activities

(Dive Travel Business News - December 20, 2011) -- The Snorkeling Trap, an informative article from Marine Marketing and Consulting, outlines potential risks in running snorkeling activities. The article is available for free at the Marine Marketing & Consulting website. The Snorkeling Trap is based upon a snorkeling fatality case that recently went to trial.

SSI Models New Business Model at DEMA Show 2011

(Dive Travel Business News - December 1, 2011) -- Scuba Schools International (SSI), the premier education and business support company came to DEMA to reinforce and build on its new business model for the recreational sport diving industry – Swim, Snorkel, Scuba.  SSI advises the industry on some of its strategies for success here:

Reef Safe™ by Tropical Seas® Sting Cooler™ Jelly Fish Sting Relief

(Dive Travel Business News - Nov 30, 2011) --  Just one sting from the luminous jellyfish can halt on anyone’s snorkeling or dive vacation. Fortunately, most jellyfish stings are harmless, but they have the potential to be very painful. To keep underwater adventures free from pain, Reef Safe™ byTropical Seas® has created the new Sting Cooler™ Jelly Fish Sting Relief.

Seychelles Diving & Snorkeling Adventures Scheduled in 2012

(Dive Travel Business News - June 6, 2011) -- In January 2012, Zegrahm Expeditions will operate two diving- and snorkeling-focused voyages to the Seychelles aboard the 110-passenger Clipper Odyssey. Throughout their Ultimate Seychelles and Classic Seychelles journeys, divers and snorkelers will encounter over 150 coral species and some 850 species of rainbow-hued fish, as well as manta rays, spinner dolphins, hawksbill and green turtles, and hundreds of giant clams. Highlights on both itineraries include:

New Underwater Treasure Hunt Game Introduced by DEMA

(Dive Travel Business News - May 29, 2011) -- The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) recently released a new in-water game called “DiveCaching.” DiveCaching is an underwater game for snorkelers and certified divers that is designed to keep divers active locally while promoting more diving.

Palau Focuses on Eco-friendly Practices

(Dive Travel Business News - March 10, 2011) -- Palau is taking strides to preserve its natural resources, including sharks, whales, jelly fish, dolphins, agriculture, aquaculture and coral reefs. Eco-friendly practices are indigenous to the local culture and traditions and are now becoming a springboard for the island nation as several Palauan entities are enhancing their practices.

Investigation of shark attacks in coastal waters continues

(Dive Travel Business News - December 12, 2010) -- American scientists are making rapid progress in the investigation of an unprecedented string of attacks off a 3-mile stretch of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. The shark experts, flown into the Egyptian resort after 5 shark attacks killed one woman and seriously injured 4 others, have positively identified at least two of the sharks responsible.

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