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(Dive Travel Business News - April 10, 2012) -- ScubaNation, One Nation Underwater,  a new 30-minute television program devoted to scuba diving and the aquatic lifestyle, premieres this Sunday, April 15, 2012, at 5:30 pm, EST. The fast paced and high energy show will wet the appetite of scuba and watersports fans alike with unique footage that cohost founders Billy C and Mitch like  to call "Jacques Cousteau on Rock-N-Roll.

DIVE Magazine Goes Digital.

(Dive Travel Business News - April 2, 2012) -- UK's Dive Magazine has gone digital, offering online readers around the world with free access to its digital magazine version. The main aim of the digital editions are to promote scuba diving and to attrace as many new people into the sport as possible.

Long Beach California Dive Show Sold

(Dive Travel Business News - February 19, 2012) -- After 27 years in the dive industry running The Scuba Show and California Diving News, owners Kim & Dale Sheckler have sold their businesses to Mark Young. Mark Young has over 20 years experience in the dive industry as Publisher of Dive Training and Dive Center Business magazines.

Blue Caribbean Expands to US, Canada; Collaborates w Paul Humann in Tobago Event

(Dive Travel Business News - January 31, 2012) -- Blue magazine, the first print and online magazine focused exclusively on the Caribbean's numerous dive and ecotourism attractions, that launched its first edition in late 2010, continues its successful international promotion of the Caribbean dive market. After only one year in publication, Blue’s newest and current issue, will be in select areas of Barnes & Noble bookstores in the US from February.

Dive The World Magazine Launches 1st Edition

(Dive Travel Business News - January 24, 2012) -- In an era where the iPad and other mobile media platforms threaten the printed magazine’s very existence, it might be considered a daring endeavour to launch a new and ambitious dive magazine.
The International Dive Magazine Dive The World has done just that with the launch of its first edition.

EGA Group Team helps market Dive Travel Professionals

(Dive Travel Business News - May 30, 2011) -- The EGA Group recently released details of its GAME Plan marketing and advertising program. The Group Advertising and Media Exposure (GAME) Plan is designed to combine a variety of promotional elements into a comprehensive and targeted strategy, EGA Group officials have made the GAME Plan an option most travel operators and destinations can’t afford to overlook.

Another Shade of Blue w/ Ty Sawyer

(Dive Travel Business News - October 29, 2011) -- The television team from Another Shade of Blue with Ty Sawyer will be attending the DEMA (Dive Equipment Manufacturing Association) convention, November 2nd through November 5th. The ASOB sales team is offering a discount of $25,000 to destinations throughout the world that are interested in advertising their island, resort or destination via a beautifully produced television series with a legend in underwater photography, Ty Sawyer, serving as the host.

Scuba Sport Magazines Hits Stands, Online Version Available

(Dive Travel Business News - January 5, 2012) -- The bi-monthly scuba diving/underwater lifestyle magazine that made its debut at the 2011 DEMA show in Orlando, Florida hit news stands at 200 participating dive centers in three countries on December 23, 2011.

Introducing DIVE TRAVELER - A New Revolution in Dive Media

(Dive Travel Business News- October 11, 2011) -- The world of dive media is about to change. Launching in early November, Dive Traveler is a digital magazine idea so revolutionary that it will redefine the way you think about the media content experience. Dive Traveler is a global, multi-platform, mobile media-based magazine app, an eMag, which is defined by the user for the user. And Dive Traveler delivers information and new content to the user every day. It´s the world’s first 365-day, personalized magazine experience.

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