News articles in Media & Consulting celebrates 1 year anniversary

(Dive Travel Business - September 4, 2014) -- celebrated its 1st Birthday last month by running a series of competitions on the site. The website, which covers all aspects of scuba diving, ran a competition a day for an entire week, with prizes including a

How to Stop Shark Attacks Without Killing Sharks

(Dive Travel Business - August 28, 2014) -- It’s that time of year when you’ll be inundated with all things shark, what with Sharknado 2 and "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel. And so scientists want to remind everyone that we can coexist with the landlord, as surfers refer to the ocean’s top predator. Dials in on Natural Evolution of the Diver.

(Dive Travel Business - August 13, 2014) -- Dive Centers, Resorts and Live-aboard Vessels have all invested countless man-hours and marketing dollars in an effort to break the code for new diver recruitment. For many years, as an industry we have chased a variety of recruitment schemes; “let’s emulate surfing, skiing, sky diving, water skiing, jet skiing”…or whatever seems to be tickling the fickle consumer base at the current time.

Dive News Network Appoints SE US Regional Correspondent

(Dive Travel Business - June 25, 2014) -- Dive News Network, the parent company of Southeast Dive News, has announced that it has appointed Gene Muchanski as their Southeast Regional Correspondent.

Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day?

(Dive Travel Business - June 20, 2014) -- With so much to do, it’s easy for dive travel specialists to neglect the daily online postings that are critical to cultivating a strong social media presence.

At the Affluent Traveler Symposium in Boca Raton, Fla., travel marketing and e-commerce executive Susan Black offered agents social media tips, best practices and an update on the trends.

Cornell Report: Eco-certification Delivers Better Business for Hoteliers

(Dive Travel Business Monday June 16, 2014) -- According to the latest research from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, Center for Hospitality Research, eco-certified hotels "generally have higher resource efficiency on both the operator and the customer factors." And furthermore, "This finding underscores the credibility of audit-worthy eco-certifications … and provides further empirical evidence for operational benefits of eco-certifications."

Keys to Successful Destination Marketing & Management Revealed - Free Report

(Dive Travel Business News - Friday June 13, 2014) -- Sustainable Destination Report, a free report offered by Totem Tourism identifies the major factors that underscore successful destination management. In profiling activities in 26 countries, the report outlines a number of common themes that each of these destinations employs to provide an appropriate mix of activities and practices that support continued success as a sustainable destination.

 "Scuba Nation" TV Show Features Deep Water Cay, Unexso, Island of Saba, and Cur

(Dive Travel Business - May 19, 2014) -- The Hit TV show, ScubaNation – “One Nation Under Water” - is enjoying its third season on Fox Sun Sports. ScubaNation is the highest-rated TV show dedicated to the sport of recreational scuba diving. The 30-minute show airs weekly from April to October and is part of Fox Sports outdoors block on Saturday mornings. 

Sunset House Partners with Swatch to offer a Free Dive Watch in upcoming Dive Pa

(Dive Travel Business - March 6, 2014) -- Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands -- Cayman’s Hotel for divers, by divers, is teaming up with Swatch, the company that introduced affordable Swiss watches 30 years ago, to offer the “Swatch What's Happening at Sunset House Special!” a promotional dive package that includes a free dive watch, a free day of diving and a free tropical drink.

The Coral Triangle - NOAA image

(Dive Travel Business News - January 15, 2014) -- New Straits Times -- THE CORAL TRIANGLE is a landmark series that unlocks the hidden secrets of the Ocean’s Amazon - a six million square kilometres encompassing  Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands, that is considered the global epicentre of marine biodiversity.

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