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Diving the “Sea of Seven Colors” - San Andres, Columbia

(Dive Travel Business - April 3, 2014) -- One of Colombia’s best-kept secrets is a small island that is just a two-hour flight from Bogota — the island of San Andres. Part of a trio of islands with Providencia and Santa Catalina, San Andres was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2000 in honor of its extensive coral reef. Fifty-seven coral species, 12 mangrove species, three marine plant species and four types of sea turtles are residents here.

Palau to become 100% Marine Sanctuary

(Dive Travel Business - April 1, 2014) -- The president of the tiny nation of Palau in the Pacific Ocean has declared that the entirety of the exclusive economic zone that surrounds it will become a marine protected area: Tommy Remengesau Jr announced at a UN meeting on Healthy Oceans and Seas that all commercial fishing will be banned in the region to combat overexploitation of the world's fish populations.

Hilton Worldwide Shark Fin Free at all 645 F&B Outlets.

(Dive Travel Business - March 31, 2014) -- Tomorrow Hilton Worldwide today will cease serving shark fin and stop accepting new orders for shark fin dishes. The ban covers all restaurants and F&B facilities operated by its 96 owned and managed properties across Asia Pacific.

The Guardian of the Reef to be Welcomed at his Permanent Underwater Home

(Dive Travel Business - March 26, 2014) -- Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – He has traveled thousands of miles to arrive in Grand Cayman, and on Saturday, April 12 the bronze sculpture Guardian of the Reef will be sunk at his permanent home on a sandy flat at 60f/18m off the island’s Northwest Point.

Blue Economy Summit:  "We Must Create a Blue Economy Now"

(Dive Travel Business - January 20, 2014) -- Abu Dhabi - Major changes in how the planet's marine resources are managed and used are needed to safeguard global food security and ensure the wellbeing of coastal and island countries, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Director-General José Graziano da Silva told a group of high level policymakers meeting here today.

Almost All Imported Seafood Violates Federal Laws Regarding By-Catch

(Dive Travel Business News - January 17, 2014) -- Huffington Post -- A new study [pdf attached] by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reveals a startling truth about the seafood that Americans eat: more than 91 percent of it is imported, and "nearly every foreign fish product sold in the United States enters the U.S. market in violation of federal law."

The Case Against Captive Marine Mammal Displays as Tourist Attractions.

(Dive Travel Business - January 16, 2014) -- According to, prohibiting marine mammals in captivity is a cause worth fighting for in 2014.  In 2013, the documentary “Blackfish” shed light on the horrifying impact captivity has on orcas, and in the process has dramatically increased awareness of the plight of captive marine mammals and unleashed an entire movement that has been bubbling away for years.

Southern Cross Club Teams Up with REEF on Grouper Moon Project

(Dive Travel Business - January 16, 2014) -- Little Cayman, Cayman Islands -- During the coming winter full moon, in late January and early February, the normally solitary and territorial Nassau grouper will travel a long way to gather at a protected spawning site just off the west end of Little Cayman − one of the last healthy and active Nassau grouper aggregation sites in the Caribbean.

Research Shows Efforts to Save Coral Reefs Not a Lost Cause

(Dive Travel Business News - January 13, 2014) -- Science Daily -- In a 13-year study in the Cayman Islands, warm ocean temperatures led to bleaching and infectious disease that reduced live coral cover by more than 40 percent between 1999 and 2004. But seven years later, the amount of live coral on the reefs, the density of young colonies critical to the reefs' future health, and the overall size of corals all had returned to the 1999 state, the study showed.

(Dive Travel Business - Dec 2, 2013) -- Kihei,Hawaii -- A visiting kayaker from Washington state died Monday morning after part of his right leg was bitten off by a shark about a half-mile off Little Beach in Makena, Hawaii state and county officials said.

Beaches from the Makena Landing to the Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Preserve were closed Monday; state and county officials were to make an assessment Tuesday morning to determine whether to reopen the shoreline Tuesdsay.

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