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(Dive Travel Business News - August 10, 2012) -- Developed in consultation with travel providers, wholesalers, retailers and other dive-travel professionals, Divers Alert Network (DAN) now offers Group Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance More Important Than Ever.

(Dive Travel Business News -- July 9, 2012) -- With increased earthquake activity in the Caribbean, and the Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission (IOC) of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) urging the Caribbean's 40 million people and its 22 million annual tourists to take the threat of a tsunami seriously, travel insurance has become an important consideration for dive travelers to this region.

States to pursue licensing standard for travel insurance sales

(Dive Travel Business News - October 31, 2010) -- U.S. state regulation of the sale of travel insurance could be moving in a new direction following an agreement among state insurance commissioners to work toward uniform guidelines for travel agents.

More Travelers Missing Flights this Summer

(Dive Travel Business News - July 19, 2010) -- Planes are running so full this summer that U.S. travelers bound for summer vacations may have to wait overnight for the next plane if they miss a flight.

Flight cancellations due to bad weather and equipment problems are compounding the seat shortage issue, creating a domino effect, putting stress on other airlines and routes, and causing missed connections to international destinations. Few options are left for summer dive travelers who've paid for a ticket but can't get to their dive destination on their original itinerary.

Iceland's volcano eruptions affects Travel Insurance

(Dive Travel Business News - April 20, 2010) -- The havoc wreaked by a ash-spouting volcano in Iceland has forced many travelers worldwide to read the fine print in their Travel Insurance Policies.  Since insurers don't normally factor in a volcano's ability to shut down most of Europe as part of it's coverage, Travel Policy holders face a considerable amount of uncertainty as to whether or not they are camping in the airport instead of a hotel.

( - Nov 30, 2009) -- UK Telegraph reporter Gill Charleton recently caused a stir in the travel world when he reported that the popular TripAdvisor website was promoting questionable tour operators. While the ground tour operators cited were located in Florence Italy, the story raises questions about unlicensed tour operators using trusted sites on the Internet to advertise their services.

 ( USA TODAY - May 28, 2009) -- There's no question the travel industry is hurting big time. As if enduring the most severe recession in generations weren't enough, the H1N1 crisis further dampened advance bookings. So the threat of rising unemployment is taken as much more than a threat by many travel executives.

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