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Expedia offers Green Hotel program

(Dive Travel Business News - May 11, 2010 ) --  Dive Travel Specialists take note: The world's leading online travel agency Expedia has recognized the value of providing eco-friendly hotel offerings to travelers who prioritize environmental sustainability and want to travel in a socially responsible manner. 

Oceans Movie opens Earth Day 2010

( - Nov 21,2009) -- DisneyNature is following up on the record-breaking success of its Earth movie (released on Earth Day 2009) with Oceans to be released on Earth Day - April 22, 2010.

French Directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud take viewers on a mystical journey through the planet's five oceans, exploring its playful nature and harsh realities  through the eyes of the weird and wonderful creatures who live there. 

Maldives Tourism Dept

(Dive Magazine - Sept 9, 2009) -- According to Dive Magazine (UK)the Maldivian government plans to impose a US$3 per day Green Tax on its visitors. The plan, which is yet to be approved by parliament, is expected to bring in $6.3 million USD annually from the 700,000 tourists who visit its islands.

Carbon Offsets

( - Oct 16, 2009) --, a travel company that specialises in responsible holidays, has announced that it will no longer give its customers the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions.

(June 2, 2009 - DTN) - Travel Weekly - The global economy went into a meltdown last year just as the green travel movement had begun gaining significant momentum with ecofriendly hotels, improved fuel efficiency across all transportation segments and the growing popularity of carbon offset programs. The effort reached a high point in October, when thousands gathered at the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona to establish a coherent sustainable-travel agenda. 

(April 23, 2008 - Tribune Media Services) -- Book an airline ticket, save the planet. Re-use the towel in your hotel; stop global warming. Rent a hybrid car; reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.

Lofty promises made by airlines peddling gimmicky carbon offsets, resorts hawking convoluted green initiatives and companies with shiny new fleets of high-maintenance cars to rent.

And empty promises.

(April 30, 2008 - AP) -- Citing green hotels, coconut oil fuel for airlines and even recyclable golf tees, executives in the tourism industry, one of the world’s largest, say they are urgently trying to shrink tourism’s oversized environmental footprint.

But with global travel projected to keep soaring, and those very leaders still eager to expand their own ventures, some doubt such efforts can significantly lessen global warming and other ecological woes.

(January 11, 2008 - PATA) --The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) signed a new agreement with EC3 Global, managers of the Green Globe brand, to help significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its landmark new event, the “PATA CEO Challenge: Confronting Climate Change.” Green Globe is the leading international environmental benchmarking and certification program for the travel and tourism industry.

(May 8, 2008 - Modern Agent) -- Here’s something to think about for those who offer dive vacations with a difference - helping travelers get over “travel guilt”… Beyond Vacations is calling itself the First Green and Charitable Tour Operator, with vacations conducted in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, offsetting the carbon footprint of its vacation packages, and donating 20 percent of its profits to charities.

(April 8, 2008 - DTN) -- As travelers begin to make summer vacation plans, Sustainable Travel International, a leading not-for-profit organization that specializes in promoting sustainable and eco-friendly tourism, offers travel tips to those who want to make a more conscious effort to be environmentally and culturally aware during their vacations.

More and more travelers want to know what they can do to help reduce their impact and respect the socio-cultural and economic needs of their destination or host country.

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