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(Dive Travel Business News - May 17, 2011) -- The U.S. Department of Transportation's new proposal on the disclosure of airlines' ancillary fees through global distribution systems will likely not be announced until next year. However, a draft of the rule is expected to be sent to the Office of Management and Budget in August and will be evaluated until the end of the year.

American Express Study Suggests Airfares Poised for All Time High

(Dive Travel Business News - March 27, 2011) -- Airfare increased 7% in 2010, leaving it 6% below its record high in 2008, according to the American Express Business Travel Business Travel Monitor study released March 15, 2011.  Fares have been on the rise this year, suggesting they will surpass their previous record soon.

Skies the limit for Airline Fees

(Dive Travel Business - March 2, 2011) --  The airlines new motto might be “let no fee go unnoticed. “ The latest: Continental Airlines offers an option to hold a reservation and lock-in the ticket price for 72 hours or seven days. This sounds reasonable except that there's a fee attached, beginning at US$5 for a 72-hour hold and $9 for a seven-day hold. And it's not just for domestic flights:  Overseas routes and International carriers are also starting to adopt similar fees.

Tips for Coping with Record High Air Fares and packed planes

(Dive Travel Business News - Nov 10, 2011) -- Pundits are warning travelers that air travel will not only be more costly this holiday season, it will also be more crowded.  The national average airfare for Thanksgiving travel is US$383, according to Only once in the past eight years have fares been higher, in 2007, when it was $385. The average airfare for Christmas is projected at $444. It was only $361 seven years ago. Orbitz is reporting that some major routes are up to 30 percent higher this holiday season compared to a year ago.

WestJet Launches New Seasonal Service to Cuba

(Dive Travel Business News - November 8, 2010) -- WestJet has begun new seasonal nonstop service between Toronto and Santa Clara, Cuba. WestJet will fly between Toronto and Santa Clara weekly each Friday. One-way fares, available in both directions on non-stop flights only, are available from $149 plus applicable taxes and fees. For more information, call WestJet's Sales Super Centre at 888-WEST-JET (937-8538) or visit

IATA reports increased fares to Asia

(Dive Travel Business News - September 9, 2010) -- Asia-Pacific airlines are raising ticket prices in response to a strong economic rebound in Asia, led by China, reflecting growing consumer confidence across the Asia-Pacific region. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reports that the global passenger traffic to expand by 7.1 percent this year despite a projected easing of the economic rebound in the second half of 2010. 

US Travel Promotion Act begins Sept 15, 2010

(Dive Travel Business News - Sept 8, 2010) -- Earlier this summer, the U.S. Government raised U.S. passport fees substantially, increasing the cost for US citizens traveling abroad. This fall, the focus will be on inbound travel with the new U.S. Travel Promotion Act:  This Act, which goes into effect next week on Wednesday, September 15, calls for a $14 fee to be levied on travelers from 36 nations who enter the U.S.

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